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Ministry of Energy launches a call for projects on “new production capacities for renewable energy”


On March 30, 2022 the Ministry of Energy announced that is launching a call for projects regarding production capacities from renewable sources (solar and wind), with a total budget of EUR 457,700,000 which will be financed through the Recovery and resilience plan for Romania (“PNRR“).

Applications can be submitted during 31 March – 31 May 2022 on an online platform available on the website of the Ministry of Energy at the following link:

The Minister of Energy, Mr. Virgil Popescu, expects an increase of 950 MW in installed capacity as a result of this support scheme.

The Specific Guide of the support scheme, also available at the link above, provides as an objective, investments in new production capacities of solar and wind power, with or without an integrated storage installation. The projects must be commissioned and connected to the grid until June 2024.

  • Budget of the support scheme is divided as follows:
    • Projects regarding installed capacities of more than 1MW – EUR 382,700,000;
    • Projects regarding installed capacities between 0.2 MW (exclusive) and 1 MW (inclusive) – EUR 75,000,000.
  • Beneficiaries: The beneficiaries of the support scheme are: (i) small enterprises, (ii) small and medium size enterprises, and (iii) large enterprises, including newly incorporated companies, provided that they have “production of electricity” as main or secondary activity (registered CAEN Code).
  • The scheme is based on a competitive bidding procedure and applies solely to new electricity production capacities from solar and wind sources.
  • Eligibility criteria for the projects:
    • The project must be implemented on Romanian territory;
    • The project targets one of the following actions: (i) new capacities for electricity production from wind or solar power, with or without an integrated storage installation as a secondary activity, with the storage installation amounting to a maximum 20% from the value of the state aid; (ii) the proposed capacity to be installed through the project is higher than 0,2 MW; (iii) the investments will be finalized and connected to the national energy system, including commissioning, the latest until the end of the second trimester of 2024.
    • Projects regarding the replacement of old production capacities or the expansion of existing production units are not covered by the support scheme.
  • Maximum state aid value per MW installed will be for:

Wind power:

  • EUR 1,300,000/MW – for installed capacities between 0.2 MW (exclusive) and 1 MW (inclusive);
  • EUR 650,000/MW – for installed capacities of more than 1 MW.

Solar power:

  • EUR 750,000/MW – for installed capacities between 0.2 MW (exclusive) and 1 MW (inclusive);
  • EUR 425,000/MW – for installed capacities of more than 1 MW.
  • The maximum state aid that can be granted for a single investment project cannot exceed EUR 15,000,000 per enterprise.


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