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Romania’s Transport Master Plan Approved – major infrastructure projects in the pipeline


The Romanian Government has just approved the much awaited Transport General Master Plan for Romania ("TMP"), expected to significantly boost the infrastructure development in Romania over the next 15 years in railway, road, naval, aerial and multimodal transportation.

According to a press release issued by the Government, the TMP represents the general development framework for transportation infrastructure, financing sources and strategy for project implementation. Also, the document sets the strategic objectives and the main transport corridors in harmony with the trans-European strategic objectives for transport infrastructure.

The TMP is the first document of this kind in Romania and there are high expectations that it will unlock Romania’s much needed development of transportation infrastructure. It contains detailed description of envisaged projects for construction of over 6,800 km of road, out of which 1,500 km of highway and over 1,300 km of express roads, refurbishment of over 5,000 km of railway, 15 airports and 32 ports. The approval of the TMP also represents a conditionality for obtaining EU funds.

Last but not least, the approval of the TMP should generate new business opportunities for infrastructure construction companies and also other project development firms.

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