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Much awaited 11th licensing round for oil&gas perimeters finally launched in Romania


After approximately 10 years since the last licensing round, the Romanian Agency for Mineral Resources (“ANRM“) launches the 11th bidding round for the concession of 28 exploration, development and exploitation oil&gas perimeters – 22 onshore and 6 offshore (listed in the attached Annex), according to Order no. 273/2019 published on 24 July 2019.

Interested Romanian or foreign entities must submit their bids before the 120th business day, calculated from the business day immediately following the publication of the 11th licensing round announcement in the Official Journal of the EU – this is expected to take place in the following period.

The bids have to be submitted in Romanian language and include the following main information: proposed works schedule, estimation of petroleum reserves to be discovered or promoted, estimation of costs, works phases, estimation on environmental impact and plans for environment restauration, plans for personnel development and transfer of technology.

In order to prepare the bids, interested participants may request ANRM to be granted access to the relevant geologic data based on confidentiality agreement and payment of corresponding fees.

ANNEX – Oil&gas perimeters auctioned in the 11th Licensing Round

No. Perimeter Surface Characteristics
1. E XI-1 Maramures West 1,004.189 km2 onshore
2. E XI-2 Transylvania North 1,098.183 km2 onshore
3. E XI-3 Transylvania East 1,055.755 km2 onshore
4. E XI-4 Transylvania South 938.478 km2 onshore
5. E XI-5 Getica West 914.184 km2 onshore
6. E XI-6 Getica East 985.104 km2 onshore
7. E XI-7 Moesia 1 971.014 km2 onshore
8. E XI-8 Moesia 2 968.684 km2 onshore
9. E XI-9 Moesia 3 902.451 km2 onshore
10. E XI-10 Moesia 4 976.425 km2 onshore
11. E XI-11 Moesia 5 888.984 km2 onshore
12. E XI-12 Moesia 6 1,000.857 km2 onshore
13. E XI-13 Moesia 7 1,000.236 km2 onshore
14. E XI-14 Moesia 8 902.1 km2 onshore
15. E XI-15 Muntenia North East 1 719.584 km2 onshore
16. E XI-16 Muntenia North East 2 738.317 km2 onshore
17. E XI-17 Muntenia North East 3 810.199 km2 onshore
18. E XI-18 Moldavia 1 983.599 km2 onshore
19. E XI-19 Moldavia 2 961.055 km2 onshore
20. E XI-20 Moldavia 3 900.12 km2 onshore
21. E XI-21 Moldavia 4 997.405 km2 onshore
22. E XI-22 Moldavia 5 653.373 km2 onshore
23. E XI-23 Black Sea 1 880.581 km2 offshore
24. E XI-24 Black Sea 2 897.579 km2 offshore
25. E XI-25 Black Sea 3 801.896 km2 offshore
26. E XI-26 Black Sea 4 912.165 km2 offshore
27. E XI-27 Black Sea 5 914.870 km2 offshore
28. E XI-28 Black Sea 6 867.317 km2 offshore
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