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Sustainability and ESG

Our ESG team is advising clients on the evolving landscape of sustainability, regulatory compliance, and responsible business practices. We understand that addressing sustainability and environmental, social, and governance issues is not only a legal necessity but also a strategic imperative for businesses in the 21st century and our lawyers provide the strategic, transactional, and regulatory advice our clients need to transform their projects, their businesses, and their value chains. We have a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities arising out of the transition to a lower carbon economy and the complexities and interdependencies in the external landscape which businesses will be navigating over the coming years.

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client:

  • Sustainable Finance: Structure legal frameworks for sustainable finance instruments, such as green bonds, social bonds, and sustainability-linked loans, Advise on compliance with sustainable finance standards and principles, including the Green Bond Principles, Assist in the development of investment strategies that align with environmental and social impact goals, Provide legal support for impact investment funds and socially responsible investment portfolios, Navigate regulatory requirements related to sustainable finance, ensuring adherence to evolving standards.
  • Green Energy and Clean Technology: Advise clients on legal aspects related to renewable energy projects and clean technology investments, Navigate regulatory landscapes for permits, approvals, and compliance in the renewable energy sector. Draft and negotiate agreements for the development, financing, and operation of sustainable projects.
  • ESG Reporting and Disclosure: Advise on ESG disclosure requirements and assist in the preparation of sustainability reports, Ensure accurate and transparent communication of ESG performance to stakeholders, Mitigate legal risks associated with inaccurate or incomplete ESG disclosures.
  • ESG Compliance and Risk Management: Conduct ESG risk assessments to identify and mitigate potential legal and reputational risks, Develop strategies to align business operations with ESG standards and regulatory requirements, Assist in the creation of robust ESG policies and frameworks,
  • Corporate Governance: Provide guidance on corporate governance structures that prioritize sustainability and ethical business conduct, Develop and implement codes of conduct, ethics training, and whistleblower programs, Assist in shareholder engagement on ESG matters.
  • Social Impact Investing: Structure legal frameworks for social impact investments, Navigate legal complexities associated with impact investing, Advise on legal structures for corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.
  • Environmental Law: Assist clients with environmental regulatory matters, Address legal issues related to emissions reduction, carbon trading, and sustainable resource management.
Picture of Ada Butnaru
Ada Butnaru

Co-Head of Sustainability and ESG

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"In a nutshell – great team. I really appreciate the quality of their support in negotiations, responsiveness, ability to handle complex, sophisticated deals and friendly approach. They are easy to work with and I always feel my projects are in the best hands when working with them."
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